A Flower In Winter

by Chuck Brown

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released May 25, 2014


tags: pop Columbus


all rights reserved


Chuck Brown Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: The Way You Move
You're standin' in the kitchen
Workin' toward dinnertime
I can see it's been a long day...
Slavin' for the family
Though your work's never done
Tirelessly you work without pay...
Secretly I watch you charm the most mundane deeds
Girl, your ev'ry move is grace and beauty to me
I wanna watch you walk
I wanna take it in
I wanna love you up
And then do it again
I know something so right
Is stirred up by the sight
Of the way you move

Brushin' out the tangles
At the end of the day
You're noticin' a few strands of gray
I know that you're wonderin'
When and where the time goes
An' how long I will look at you that way
Now, young girls may be pretty
But you don't need to fear
We knit our lives together, girl
And I'm stayin' right here


Somethin' in the way you move
Flows like melody thru my mind
Feel that rhythm and rhyme
Girl, you're so fine
You bring some color back into this ordinary life


©1997 - Chuck Brown
All rights reserved
Track Name: Nothing Rhymes With Love
I wanna write a love song. but today the words won't flow
I stare down at this empty page as frustration starts to grow
I'm desperate for a way to say what's clearly in my heart
I just want to say "I love you", but I don't know where to start

Cuz nothing rhymes with love tonite
Or it seems that way to me
I try and try, but nuthin's right
Though I just can't let it be
I settle on some lovely theme
But it comes out trite cliche
And all the rhymes for love, it seems
Have been sung before, anyway

I look for inspiration at your picture on the wall
I write a word, I hum a tune
But it doesn't work at all
Memories buzz around me of our many happy times
I know what I want to tell you
But I just can't find the rhyme


My eraser's wearin' thin
I've started version nine
A dozen verses in my head
Only finished seven lines
A chorus and a bridge I'll add
If I ever hear the muse
The genre's undecided
But I know I've got the blues


But there's one last line I'd like to try
If you don't mind this cliche
You're always in my dreams and I...
Love you more than words can say
Track Name: Tear Down These Walls
Lookin for an answer
Lying 'round somewhere
Lost in many questions
How can this be fair?
Could you ever feel?
Could you ever know?
I need some time darlin'
To know which way to go

Tear down these walls
I need some time, baby
Tear down these walls
It's not the end
Cuz I still believe in you and me
Just wanna be free to reach for my dreams

Tell me that you love me
Say you'll still be there
When I try to make it out here on my own
Will you give me room now
In my quest to grow
Or will you abandon and leave me alone?


Love should not be a possession
Or a struggle for control
When will you see that love's two hearts together growing strong?
Don't you wait too long...

Words by Pamela Seagal
Music by Chuck Brown
Track Name: A Flower In Winter
She's like a flower in winter
Precious as new fallen snow
In matters of love I am just a beginner
But she learned of love long ago
I'm holdin' her now and she's not even here
No matter how far we're apart one thing's clear
She's mendin' my heart with a soft bindin' twine
And heavenly, heavenly sunshine

She's like a flower in winter
Blue moons and rainbows of gold
She's like a saint to a sinner
Someone you can't wait to hold
She's like a flower in winter

She's like a flower in winter
Rare as a diamond of blue
Beauty and tenderness shine deep within her
This time I ain't passin' thru

Cuz the grass is much greener right under my feet
Without her my life would be sadder than sweet
She's mended my heart with a soft bindin' twine
And heavenly, heavenly sunshine


Lyrics ©1998 - Ronnie Jeffrey
Music ©2000 - Chuck Brown
All rights reserved.
Track Name: Makris
It looks like Makris is leaving
She's gonna check out for a while
I've seen it coming for some time
Staying put just isn't her style
An overheard conversation
I could tell she was making plans
When a woman's made up her mind
It's sometimes hard to understand

So I guess I'll never know
Why she thinks she has to go
But if she leaves I wish her well
Oh, Makris I'll never tell

I bet she'll go to New Braunfels
Maybe get a job at Gruene Hall
She'll rent a place without a phone
So she won't ever have to call

And on the first sunny weekend
She'll float on down the Guadalupe
Surrounded by the sacred waters
In a big old black innertube


Maybe when she reaches shore
She'll think about me
Or maybe she'll follow that river
All the way to the sea


Copyright 1999
Kent Newsome & Chuck Brown
All Rights Reserved
Track Name: The Older The Fiddle
She was fifteen
And he was two more
They tried to get close
But their folks closed the door
They tried costume kissin' on Halloween
But they lived in the smallest town you've ever seen
So she wrote him a note
Askin' if he could wait
And as soon as she could
She would come runnin' straight
To the arms of the boy
She'd dreamed of at night
And then at the end
This poem framed in white:

The older the fiddle
The sweeter the tune
If we wait for awhile
We'll be singing it soon
If we're meant for each other
Then true love will bloom
Cuz the older the fiddle
The sweeter the tune

Well, I hate it when folks say
"I told you so"
So I won't be sayin' it
I'll just let go
And as for the girl
She's the woman I love
And wiser than anyone I can think of

To all those who told us
Ten years in the past
That we were too young
That it just wouldn't last
And to all the young lovers
When time's standin' still:
Be strong and you'll find
You can climb any hill


Lyrics ©1998 - Ronnie Jeffrey
Music ©1999 - Chuck Brown
All rights reserved
Track Name: Treat Her Gently
If you're favored with a woman who really cares
Treat her gently
Like a flame in the wind
Don't you let her go out
Treat her gently
Cuz if you'll keep that flame alive
Though the wind may whip and blow
When the winter comes
And you're so cold
She'll warm you 'midst the falling snow
Treat her gently
Even though sometimes she hurts you so
Treat her gently, treat her gently
And she'll never wanna let you go
If you sow love, you'll reap love
And, ooh, what a harvest
Treat her gently

If you're favored with a woman who really cares
Treat her gently
Like a garden you tend
Take good care of her, friend
Treat her gently
Cuz if you will protect that girl
From the dangers of this life
It comes back to you
In her love for you
When you've asked her to become your wife


©1997 - Chuck Brown
All rights reserved
Track Name: Isn't That Somethin'?
I was mindin' my own business
When you sashayed thru the room
But the perfume you were wearin'
Knocked my senses to the moon
I don't fall for love too often
I don't go for one-nght stands
It ain't safe to let your heart down
So why on earth did I put myself in your hands

Isn't that somethin' in your eyes
That puts me in a trance
That somethin' women seem to find
When they're itchin' for romance
Isn't that somethin' I forgot I never missed
I'm unable to resist
Isn't that somethin'...?

I had planned on bein' lonesome
These old habits hard to break
But the closer you keep comin'
How much thirst can one man take?

You're dressed to kill and I am dyin'
My resistance cavin' in
Cuz your power is terrifyin'
And your lips are puttin' goosebumps on my skin


Lyrics ©1996-8 - Ronnie Jeffrey
Music ©1999 - Chuck Brown
All rights reserved
Track Name: Letter From Molly
I got a letter from Molly today
It's kinda hard to believe
She wants some money
She's always been so naive

She says if I help her out again
She'll surely pay me back
Molly says she knows everyone
Molly has many contacts

Just two hundred dollars from Molly-Ann
She'll be back on her feet again
It's a hard choice
I have to make
With Molly that's how it's always been

I haven't seen Molly since she left town
The postmark was from L.A.
I hear there are angels there
I haven't been
I can't say

Molly always said nothin' good is free
Easy come means easy go
I worked so hard to learn that lesson
I guess Molly thinks I still don't know


The letter said that she's doin' real well
And maybe I should be pleased
That when she needs a favor
She still remembers me

She's always seen things differently
In shades of green and gray
She says if I don't reply this time
She just might throw my address away


Words by Kent Newsome
Music by Chuck Brown
Track Name: There's No Tomorrow
Can you feel...feel my beating?
I've been waiting...waiting so long
Were you're thinkin' 'bout me?
What about our love?

There's no tomorrow
No turnin' back to my mistakes
No more forgiving and wiping my tears away
Cuz I am free
Free from the chains you wrapped around my heart
Don't worry 'bout me cuz I can live
You'll see that I will be strong again
Without your love

Why did I believe that anything was possible?
That love lasts forever and I wouldn't be alone?
That you'd be there...right there for me?


There's no hope when trust is shattered
Did you think I was blind?
This heart's thru with being lied to
No magic words this time...


Words by Pamela Seagal
Music by Chuck Brown
Track Name: Love Like It's Supposed To Be
You've been holdin' your heart as a prisoner
Thinkin' you will never be free
To let your heart go
And love, like it's supposed to beYou've been burned in the past
And you've sworn love can't last
You'll never play the game again
Some will lose, some will win
And you can't survive losin' again
You just can't see...love like it's supposed to be
The pains in your heart only strengthen
The walls you've neem buildin' around
Once you wanted to fly...
Now you're playin' it safe on the ground
You laugh as your friends dream of love that won't end
Cuz you know that it can never be
And yet, deep down inside, you've been waitin' for someone like me
Now, can't you see...love like it's supposed to be

You yearn to be cared for
For just who you are
And you're tired of playin' a part
But I see the treasure you've locked in your heart
And I hold the key

©1995 - Chuck Brown
All rights reserved
Track Name: Misty Dreams
I dreamt of you again last night
Of willowed walks and candlelight
Til summer's morning dawns its night
Born dew again
On misty dreams of you again

Thru summer's heat, the soothing showers
And fragrant bloom of midnight flowers
Enveloped all the dreamswept hours I spent with you
In misty dreams again with you

Some may linger in morning light
Their nights but mirror the dawn
Dreamers aren't held to reality
Twilight leads us on

Down ageless halls of dreams sublime
Where lovers love and poets rhyme
I held you closer than the time allowed me to
In misty dreams of now with you

I wake and reach to touch your hair
Surprised, somehow, when you're not there
Til all my longings, like the air
Go still and blue
But misty dreams were filled with you

Words by John T. Hagius
Music by Chuck Brown